Florida Keys 2010 travel blog

Our site at Edisto Beach

View from the RV

The dunes with our kayaks on top of the RV

Just a little sun

Pounding surf

Tide patterns

Low tide

Sunbeam in the afternoon



We left Fort Clinch around 10:00 since our trip to Edisto Beach was only 230 miles. We really wanted to check out this South Carolina campground since we had been advised two years ago to camp at Huntington Beach instead of Edisto. We did not like Huntington and felt cheated by the bad advice. So, we had planned and made reservations to stay here for two days on the way home. We found a wide open, spacious campground with the pounding surf only fifty yards away from our site. There had been rain before we arrived and there were puddles and a lot of mud at the check in booth for the park. The beach area was sandy and not so muddy. We had a steak for dinner with the traditional home fries and baked beans along with a green salad. We left the back door open (screened in of course) for as long as possible to hear the wonderful surf which pounded like a drum all night long. The temperature was a lot colder than in Florida due to being farther north and because of the unusual cold spell that continued to blanket the area. We needed the propane furnace early on, since the heat pump is quite inefficient below 40 degrees F. We experienced near freezing temperatures outside, but were snug in our warm (we used the comforter) bed. Neither of us wanted to venture out to the campground showers (which were heated) in the cold, so we used the RV's shower room for the first time on this trip. Tom also said that the bathroom needed cleaning and what better way to do so than to take a shower!

After breakfast, we took a walk and explored the grounds and the beach. The waves were still pounding and rolling in with curls. The photographs are not as brilliant as Tom had hoped for since the sun was not cooperating, showing itself for only fleeting moments at best. The beach and campground were not busy, probably due to the cold weather. We imagine that this could be a crowded place in the summer.

Tom rode his bike to the nearby Piggly Wiggly grocery store (Publix is so much nicer) and got some last minute essentials. Having civilization this close by is a plus. The only downside to this campground, besides being thirty miles off the interstate, was the water. It tasted chalky and we switched to the internal tanks.

We made our bed for the last time on this trip, feeling a bit sad, but knowing that more adventures in the RV were to come.

We left early (8AM) for a long (468 mile) drive to Lexington, Virginia where we had dinner reservations at Cafe Michel. We would stay in a hotel (Comfort Inn) tonight since the temperatures were predicted to go below freezing and there were only a few campgrounds open. Plus, we had dined at Cafe Michel two years ago and loved the food, service and closeness to the hotel.

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