Blue People, Red State - Winter 2010 travel blog

Usually when you drive through five states in one day, it means you are in New England, but today I started the drive with five maps stacked on my lap. We drove through Alabama, Mississippi, the most western bit of Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri. And most of the drive we were driving west, trying to get around the water logged state of Tennessee. The stories from Nashville are heart breaking. We have enjoyed some great times there and seeing the Opryland hotel lobby filled with water was quite a shock. Northern Mississippi was a surprise. My stereotype of the state is flat cotton fields full of red earth. Instead we drove through rolling hills at the bottom of the Appalachian Mountain range. As we finally headed north, it looked like we were in the lake country, with water standing in the fields.

There was a major traffic back up in Memphis - water related perhaps. Our GPS sprung to life and suggested that we take a frontage road. Sometimes we have eyed those frontage roads, wondering if they would continue to parallel the expressway and lead us to an entrance back on. The GPS gave us courage and we whipped past the traffic jam and got back on the expressway just past the blockage. What would we do without it?

And so we return to Sikeston, Missouri, the site of our first night away at the beginning of this trip many months ago. We know we can make it home from here tomorrow. At last.

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