Brad & Barb Wright - Southwest Trip 2009/2010 travel blog

We left home on Saturday. Brad drove until we stopped for lunch. There was light rain and mist most of the way. Of course, when I started driving it began to pour and the wind really picked up. About 40 miles from our exit the wipers locked up. It took me 10 miles to find a place to safely pull over, then it took forever for us to find the 4-ways. Brad got out in the pouring rain and tried to move the wipers and get them to move....didn't work. Then when he got back in, we couldn't figure out how to turn off the 4-ways. He drove the last 30 miles at 40mph with no wipers and the 4-ways on. When we were getting off he turned the directional signal on and the 4-ways went off. We stopped to get fuel and he got a wrench out and tried to loosen the wipers. It didn't seem to work, but while he was in paying I turned the key to get the mileage and voila the wipers went down. When we were coming down the ramp getting off the Thruway we noticed the lot we usually stay in was totally vacant. We asked at the gas station and were told Turning Stone closed that lot but he thought the campground was still open. We went there and of course it was closed so I called the Casino and asked where we could park. They directed me to a lot right on the grounds. There were several other RV's there. While waiting for Carl & Birgit to come down, the sun came out and we saw the most beautiful, complete rainbow. Surely, a good sign! We had a great evening with Carl & Birgit, including a delicious meal at Outback Steakhouse.

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