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I'M HERE!!!!! The flights went smoothly, my luggage made it, but my ride from the airport didn't. I took a taxi to the hotel (kinda scary-it's amazing there aren't accidents, but as long as everyone drives the same crazy way - it all seems to work). The view of the Himalayas from the airplane was amazing. Luckily a guy, Steve, identified the peaks for me. He's a doctor and works with Everest Rescue Association. They have a clinic at Periche and Everest Base Camp, and I may see him at Base Camp. Another guy, an expedition leader, also said the view of the mountains from the airplane was the best he had seen, and I might see him also at Base Camp. I'm getting the feeling Base Camp is very crowded. These 2 guys said the autumn climbing season has really died, and almost everyone climbs in spring.

I'm waiting for my tour leader, and they let me use their computer while I wait. We have a group meeting tonight, we tour the city tomorrow, and leave for Pokhara Tuesday.

More updates soon.

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