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Elk in Yellowstone.

Geothermal area.

Hot spring.

Black sand geyser.

Old Faithful. Predictable to within 10 minutes.

Yellowstone Lake.

Steve thinking of taking a dip.

Lower Falls (Yellowstone River).

Lower Falls closer view- see if you can spot the people at...

Oh give me a home....

where the buffalo roam.

It's funny, we have always wanted to see Yellowstone National Park but not really known much about it. Apparently is it a highly concentrated and active geothermal park with wicked wildlife and amazing scenery on the side.

So, we joined in with the retired US patriots in their house sized motor-homes and toured through the park. The first night was freezing and we were glad, not for the first time, that we were in a van and not tenting! People kept saying "it got down to 18 degrees last night" to which we would stare blankly and smile. For those also imperially challenged, we looked up the conversion and it roughly corresponds to -8 C. We camped by a river that had bison and elk wandering around- making for good sunset viewing.

The next day was filled with hiking around many geothermal areas (and I use the word hike loosely here because oldies with oxygen tanks were walking around some of these places). The great thing about geothermal areas is that the fart jokes about the sulphur smell never get old. Steve's highlight was "Old Faithful" which is a geyser that is predictable to around 10 minutes (it erupts every 90 minutes or so).

The second night was spent beside Lake Yellowstone and we spent the next day following it's river through gorges and off waterfalls. The east side of the park had expansive vistas with herds of bison to photograph. An awesome park for not knowing anything about it when we arrived!

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