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On the ground in Tel Aviv

Sunset in Israel

Sunset over the Med

Mezuzah's on the doors!

Mom needed to have a blood thinner administered via syringe aka, a shot, as close to the beginning of the flight as possible. I studied a video that told how to pinch the skin just right and throw the needle like a dart and to make sure not to stab yourself in the process. It was with great relief when mom just said, “I’ll just give it to myself.” With trembling hands, I held the cotton swab and the band-aid as she poked herself in the belly with this sharp object. “That was easy,” she said after she finished. Almost with a slight anticipation of doing it again???

It’s so easy to lightly read Jesus’ words in John 17 where in the Garden He called God Almighty “Abba.” Of course I know that this is an intimate term used between a father and his child but not until today did I hear anyone use that word other than Jesus. A young Israeli child that I would guess was about six years old was asking his father to slow down so the child could catch up. The child was calling loudly, “Abba! Abba!” The father turned around and smiled as the child met up with him and took his hand.

I had searched Google for several days trying to find a copy of the flight plan that we would take from Atlanta to Tel Aviv but the only other people who were interested in that were professional pilots and it was clear that they spoke in a tongue that I did not. I was vexed and somewhat depressed to board the airplane without a clue what route we would take when much to my surprise there was, attached to the headrest in front of me, a magical display filled with information about our Boeing 777 aircraft and it’s very up to date circumstances. It displayed fascinating information that went above and beyond my expectations.

Such as:

Our top speed was 680 miles per hour. This was achieved with the assistance of our tailwind of 147 miles per hour. We very literally rode a tornado to Israel!

Our maximum altitude was 39,000 feet.

The temperature outside the plane was -60 Fahrenheit. Glad I brought my jacket.

Cities we flew over (Get your globe out): Athens, GA; Washington D.C.; Boston; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Limoges, Valene and Nice, all in France; Athens, Greece.

We traveled 6500 miles!

There were several orthodox Jews waiting to board the airplane and they prayed several times in the airport. On the airplane, they adorned themselves with their tefillin (leather straps that bind a little box that holds a Torah scroll to their forehead and arm) and tallits (prayer shawls) while they prayed and chanted the Torah.

Once we landed, the passengers on the airplane applauded. Some happy to be home and some like us so happy to be here.

The Ben Gurion airport is located near the old city of Lydda where in Acts 9 Peter healed a man named Aeneas. Peter then was called by disciples to the city of Joppa to heal a young woman named Tabatha. Tabitha passed away but that didn’t stop Peter. After he raised her from the dead, Peter was called to see a centurion named Cornelius in Caesarea at the beginning of Acts chapter 10. Our first two days in Israel will mimic Peters trip sort of…We landed in Tel Aviv (Lydda), spend the night in Natanya (close to Joppa) and are traveling first to Caesarea in the morning.

Outside the room and attached to the frame of each door in the hotel is a mezuzah. These are tiny little containers mostly made of wood that hold a small page of the Torah (Usually Deuteronomy chapter 6).

Useless info: I watched two episodes of the Tudors and the movies “Yes man” “The Race to Witch Mountain” and “Frost/Nixon” on the plane. Sleep wasn’t much of an option in that phone booth of a seat! Mom watched two movies and did sleep!

We are having issues with our camera card so no photos yet. I'll get it fixed and then send back some really cool shots. (Photo problem fixed! Photos galore!)

Signing off from Israel,

Justin and Linda

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