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So far, so good.

Our friend Joan was way early to pick us up. She got us to the pick-up spot for the Santa Barbara Air Bus with 20 minutes to spare. Surprisingly, we were the next to last passengers to arrive.

The bus was right on time. The driver took the coastal route in order to avoid rush hour traffic on the freeways. It was a very pleasant ride. The sun was shining and the air was clear. The surf was still intense after the recent storms.

We arrived at the Las Angeles airport a little ahead of schedule. We found the right place and got ourselves and our checked bags checked in. Then came the long line for security screening. We were lucky - they opened a new line and we were diverted into it. It went quickly, but........ I had a heck of a time getting my shoes off, my netbook out, my quart-sized zip-lock out, and everything in the proper trays for the X-ray. I thought I had everything on top ready to go, but things had mysteriously moved. I am afraid that I made a bad impression on the folks waiting behind. Oh well!

To top it off, I set of the metal detector walking through. I had my steel frame glasses in my shirt pocket. I had to go back and put them on the conveyer belt. Then I got through OK and had to gather up all my stuff and get put back together.

Evelyn got up extra early and made us sandwiches for lunch. Unfortunately they are still sitting on the counter in her kitchen. I knew that they food at the airport was expensive. I didn't really expect to pay $10 for a sandwich. Oh well!

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