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Gas powered vehicles need to have their oil changed every 3 - 4,000 miles. Diesels need this done every 20,000. When you are driving a 40 foot motor home, you can't pull into any old Jiffy Lube and get this task done. When you think about it there are millions of trucks going down the road every day and they need to have an oil change, too. The Jiffy Lube for truckers is a company called Speedco. We were not aware of them until recently, but the fact that they charge 60% of what we paid to have this done 20,000 miles ago, made us stop at one and check it out. Everything is giant sized as it needs to be. We had to unhook the tow car or it would have fallen into the bay below us. We had to enter the bay backwards since our engine is in the back and commercial trucks have theirs in the front. The facility is open from 8am - 11pm. Trucker's days are long.

Speedco doesn't take appointments and there were two trucks ahead of us when we arrived. It had six bays, but only three were staffed. Because a diesel change involves many more mechanical tasks than a gas change as well as three filter changes, each vehicle takes about thirty minutes to service. As it was we ended up spending almost two hours there. I can think of many vacations when I would sit in the waiting room while we got yet another oil change, gnashing my teeth, wishing we could get back to our plans, but now that we're retired, if we got home today or we got home tomorrow, no big deal. Besides it was much more comfortable to wait in our coach than in the waiting area. We read, worked on our computers, had lunch and suddenly we were good to go for another 20,000 miles.

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