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Hola Amigas!

Well, we are now in Seville, and I am still not sure if we can add our photos. They do make it tricky, however, other people do it, so we must find a way. It is hard for me to describe these experiences with just words, and you all know how Paige´s photos are so good.

We spent our last couple of days in Granada just taking in the sights, soaking in the soul of the city. We went to Paige´s old house in Spain for her birthday lunch, and Josefina had made a meal fit for a king. It was simply delicious. Spanish meatballs, with two sauces, carrot soup, this potato onion dish and a cake for dessert. Paige was thrilled, of course, all her favorites. We ate with two American girls they are hosting now, which was nice. I tried to speak as little english as possible to be polite and because I think in order to learn, you really need to immerse yourself in the language. It just meant that I spent a lot of time not speaking, and just nodding. Quite unusual indeed. Paige´s sister Esther said, "I can see how Natalie would be good at her job, she is so tranquil". Funny! We just left it at that. Paige´s Spanish family was so kind, and accepting. They said we were welcome to go there anytime.

That evening we went to a tapas bar the lonely planet recommended, and it was so good. Great wine, the best tortilla I have had yet and this amazing cheese. All in all, I think Paige had a great birthday.

We were so sad to leave Granada, and I think even now we are second guessing our choice. Seville is very beautiful! It is just hard, sometimes it is better to stay longer at less places, and Seville is much bigger so it feels so overwhelming. Last night we arrived STARVING off the bus. We arrived to find our hostel, a cute place with a nice patio on the roof, but the rooms (dorms) are very small and crammed with people. A bit of a shock after our nice big room alone in Granada. Perhaps I am spoiled....The girl who works at the hostel told us of a nearby tapas bar. We went and the food was awesome, and so was the sangria... a little too awesome if you know what I mean.... but we made friends with the people that worked there and pretty much spent the whole night there. We went to bed at 1am, just when our roommates were heading out for the evening. Let´s just say it was a rough night of sleep with so many people in such a small space. So today, we decided that we will stay in Seville one more night and then take a bus to Ronda for 2 nights before heading to Portugal. We booked a private room that is next to an Arabic bath house. Looking forward to it already. Seville is very pretty, blooming purple flowered trees, beautiful buildings and these tiny little crooked streets, you could get lost for hours. We will explore it as much as we can for the next 24 hours.

So we will try to get some help getting these photos on, or we will go to an Internet shop and check into it. Lots of love!

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