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A cat on my mat!

description of the hole

what it looks like in real life

a hole in disc golf

wind harp makes "music" when wind blows - monotone!

pavilion at end of a major road has been around since cars...

major clue for a letterbox in a playground!

westward view from observation tower at Anne Kolb Nature Center in midst...

southern view from tower - Miami

big boat way out on horizon!

northern end of beach at sunset

Trump's Resort is blue

sunset on the Atlantic

palms and seagrass between beach and sidewalk is protected

There is a resort here that is in the Coast to Coast network and, since I exhausted those around Fort Myers and still have points to use and time to "waste" until I can check into my site in Miami, I used those points to stay in a city campground.

I like nature, so I looked up city and county parks in the area and the best way to do that was to look for letterboxes! Broward County has a few parks with campgrounds, but they charge $40 a night with no discount for extended stays. So, it doesn't look like I'll be staying in one of those parks. The one I visited was very near a major highway and train tracks used by the tri-rail system. Those trains are commuter trains between Miami and West Palm Beach, so a train goes by often, blowing its whistle.

I learned about a sport that is popular in this county at least. It's called "disc golf". People throw discs that look kind of like frisbees from a "tee" to a metal cage that is quite a few feet away. At the tee, there is a diagram of the path to the hole and an indication where the next tee is. I can't believe where they need to go - through woods, near water, and around bushes! Almost all holes I've seen are par 3s and I can understand why. I've seen guys (no girls!) play and some of them throw those things really hard!

A big highlight of this stay was going to Fort Lauderdale Beach on A1A when the sun set tonight. There were clouds on the horizon, but I saw the full moon come up over those clouds and shine on the ocean. I had just eaten a light supper at Sangrias Cafe at a table on the sidewalk with a view of the ocean across the street. I like this part of town because there are no buildings in the way of the ocean, like at so many places. Trump has a big hotel here, too, of course. But patrons have to cross the street to get to the beach - no private beach for them! There are palm trees on the beaches here on the east coast of Florida, a lot less shells, and tan fine sand. Since I walked over a mile down and back, I have blisters and sore feet, but it was worth it!

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