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Our wonderful borrowed trailer!

More unpacking

A well dressed crew!

2009 Western Spirit crew jacket logo

It is Friday and it is sleeting, raining and the wind is howling like we have never heard it before. The electricity in the chalet keeps going out for 20 - 30 minutes at a time. The men have found the Honda and secured a trailer rented by the Festival to use in retrieving the shipment from Kuhne + Nagel in Basel. Robin contracted the Swiss version of "Montezuma's revenge" somewhere between Denver and Chateau d'Oex or a 24 hr. flu. She is in bed and Marty stayed behind to play nurse. Alfred is driving the AeroStar equipment down from Frankfurt and will meet up with the guys in Basel. The Basel airport is situated straddling the Swiss French border with have of the airport in each country. You need to clear customs to move from one side to the other. Wow! Al finally connected with Alfred and the two parties met in the parking lot on the Swiss side (sounds like a UN Security Council meeting!). They followed each other through the pouring rain and wind, traversing trees that had fallen on the road way and torrents of water flowing across the narrow mountain roads into Chateau d'Oex. Alfred delivered the equipment and turned around and returned to Frankfurt in the bad weather with concern for Renata (she just returned from surgery a few days ago). Looks like we are ready to unpack tomorrow for the first day of the Festival. At the end of the day, Robin was back among the living.

Pilots Corner

All of the communications equipment for our flight use will be packed in an Atlas case which is a good carry on for transportation for the plane. We have packed a Lap top with GPS and will use this for the chase vehicle as well as in the Chalet on WIFI for the internet. We also packed six G E MPI 5 watt portables, two GPS Rhino GMRS/FMR portables, two VHF Nav/Com portables, spare cell phones & Chargers. The Rhinos will give us Attitude, Compass, Air speed, glide path, and radio locator which we will use in the Balloon.

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