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An inmate at the Crane Foundation

Another inmate

Mr. and Mrs. Whooper

En route once again to Minneapolis, we stopped this morning at the International Crane Foundation, located outside of Baraboo WI. It's a fascinating place where they breed cranes of various species. They have a zoo-like enclosure where they have breeding pairs of 17 species of cranes - the most complete collection of cranes in the world.

The highlight of the visit was the chance to see a nesting pair of whooping cranes, the rarest of cranes. A guide was showing a class of school kids the costumes that the handlers use when working with baby cranes, to convince them that they're being cared for by cranes and not humans (they don't want the cranes to lose their natural fear of humans). One arm of the full-body suits is a crane-head puppet!

This organization is also involved in helping the cranes find winter quarters in Texas by flying them south, in formation, guided by a pilot in an ultralight aircraft!

After leaving the Crane Foundation, we continued on to the Twin Cities, arriving at our campground in the southwest suburbs around 4:00 P.M. After resting and making ourselves presentable, we met Joy and her friend Shawn Finn at her favorite restaurant, the Macaroni Grill.

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