Lucy and Steves BIG ADVENTURE travel blog

Lucy in Vegas

Steve collects his chips

The Excalibor Hotel next to our hotel..The Tropicana

Triple decker club sandwich.. would you like fried with that?

Hair by Jean Paul - hair stylist to the stars .... Jennifer...

The Stip at night ...amazing!

The dancing fountains at The Bellagio

Steve still looks fresh after 24 hours of gambling!

Taking a break from gambling ....Lucy with a cocktail by the pool.

View from our hotel window!

We travelled about 250 miles to Vegas with relative ease, although Lucy had to put up with Steve camplaining every mile about the fact that he didn't get the hire car of his dreams..instead of a Mustang we ended up with a Hyundi!!!! Ahhhh

Our hotel, The Tropicana is at the bottom of the strip. We arrived about 6pm and spent our first evening exploring our neighbouring hotels, The Excalibor, New York New York and The MGM Grand. They are amazing, especially at night with all the lights. We thought the resorts and casinos would be tacky but they are gorgeous, some with amazing shops and places to eat. New York New York had streets and a mini central park with trees inside and The MGM had lions in a glass enclosure in the casino..MAD!!

Our hotel was a little bit tired, think it had its hayday in the 50s! The room though was massive and had a great view of the strip. The pool too was lovely, even though we only managed to find two hours out of our busy gambling schedule to relax!

We spent most of our fist day visiting a timeshare complex... after being offered free show tickets, gambling and food vouchers! Steve said whatever you do just say No! 6 hours later we were the proud owners of an eight birth luxury condo, located just south of the strip. Plus 4 extra weeks holiday anywhere in the world for the rest of our lives.....for family and friends for your next holiday just contact us!!!!!

That afternoon Lucy had her hair cut at the MGM Grand, without a hairdryer for 10 months she thought it would be wise to go short. Hair dresser to the stars Jean Paul cut it all off!

In the evening we played routlette with $75 of chips (courtesy of Eldorado resorts)two hours later we left the table with more than we started! Also played black jack and the slots, Steve nearly fell off his chair when he saw three matching symbols on the slots....result..$20! Lucy couldn't stop laughing!

We actually didn't do much gambling as we seemed to spent most of our time walking around the amazing resorts and casinos. The dancing fountains at The Bellagio are fantastic, the gondolas at the Venician are out of this world. It really is a fab expereince and we would recommend anyone to go, but allow a week to see everything!

On our last evening we went to 'Tournament of Kings' show, where we ate a whole chicken with our hands and watched cheered our knight as he jousted. Tacky but fun!

The MTV Awards were held in Vegas on the Sunday, we had already left but lots of celebs had already arrived, apparently! Nelly Fertardo was playing at the Club in one of the Casinos.

We left on Sat morning..heading to the Grand Canyon via the Hoover Damn.

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