2007 South Carolina Upcountry Trip travel blog

Dillard House Dining Room

Waterfall between Franklin, NC and Highlands, NC

I hope he caught something!

Same Waterfall

Dry Falls between Franklin and Highlands

Underneath Dry Falls

From the other side of Dry Falls

Bridalveil Falls

Whitewater Falls

Closeup of Whitewater Falls

I hope they didn't try to jump

Along the trail

We took a drive from the state park to Dillard, Georgia where we had a fantastic breakfast

. They bring you so many dishes filled with food there is hardly room for your water glass on the table.

From Dillard we drove through Franklin, North Carolina to Highlands, NC. The road was full of switchbacks with very little shoulder but the scenery was beautiful. We passed several waterfalls and got out to look at three of them.

After Highlands we drove through Cashiers, NC and back into South Carolina. We took a side trip back to NC to see Whitewater Falls.

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