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One very long and straight road

Welcome to Saskatchewan

AND THERRRRE OFF! After watching the Calgary Stampede chuckwagon finals on tv last night I have this patented phrase from Joe Carbury stuck in my head. He has been using it at the start of every chuckwagon race for the past 45 years.

Our start this morning would not win any day money. We still had a "couple" of last minute items to attend to and finally rolled out of Red Deer at 11:00 AM.

We stuck to highway 11, then 12 to Castor before stopping for lunch, then took a paved secondary road east from Castor to the Saskatchewan border. It was one very long and straight road. In fact it was so long and straght and flat that even though it was running exactly parallel to the latitude lines you could see it curving in the distance with the curvature of the earth.

A few km from the border the secondary road turned north so we continued directly east on gravel. The gravel was very heavy, loose and dusty which broke the tedium of the scenery.

I tried to come to southern Saskatchewan with an open mind and looking for perhaps something I had misswed while working here over the years. Alas, so far it is still as flat and empty as I remembered it. The towns are fairly deserted during the heat of the day and the "attractions" along the rooads are few and far between.

I could not help but think of the phrase from Corner Gas: "What do you mean there is nothing to see, there is nothing blocking the view." It is so flat out here I swear I could still see my house back in Red Deer even though we traveled 590 km today.

One of the highlights of the day was near Biggar, SK. We travelled through an area where there was broad expanses of baby's breath flowers growing wild. The fragrance was unbeleivable. This is one of the advantages of motorcycle travel. Youw would never even notice this in a car.

It was very hot most of the day and by the time we rolled into Saskatoon we were pretty bagged. The GPS sent us downtown to the Gordon Howe campground. It was actually about 10 km from the GPS directions. We finally found it and it is very nice. Gordon Howe campground is named after Gordie Howe. Apparently his family insisted on Gordon rather than Gordie.

We set up our tent then found a great chinese smorg. Tomorrow we will try and get an earlier start to try and beat some of the heat.

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