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Back in Time - Bill and Cindy Walker

Back in Time - Soda Fountain

Back in Time

Back in Time

Lamar County Historical Museum - Foyer

Lamar County Historical Museum - Tanning Rock 1800s

Lamar County Historical Museum

Rural Life Museum - Original Ticket Dispenser, Frisco Railroad

Rural Life Museum - James Monroe Biard House 1846

Rural Life Museum - Biard House

Rural Life Museum - Washing Machines

Rural Life Museum - Key Desk from Gibraltar Hotel 1912

Rural Life Museum - Iron Lung

Rural Life Museum - Refrigerator 1920

Union Station 1910


After work today I left directly from the Corps office to go to Paris, which is only about 65 miles east of Denison. I arrived at Bill and Cindy's house right at six o'clock. As soon as I had unloaded my things we left for Tigertown to attend a fund-raising barbecue dinner at the community center for the volunteer fire department. The meat was very tender and the side dishes were also good. I met a few of Bill and Cindy's friends there.


In the wee hours this morning a thunder storm moved through the area and dropped quite a lot of rain. Electrical power was out for over an hour.

Later in the morning we went to Back in Time for an early lunch. It features an old-fashioned soda fountain and offers antiques for sale. It is an interesting place. After lunch we drove over to Pat Mayse Lake to check it out. It's a pretty little lake surrounded by lots of pine and other trees.

We returned to Paris to visit the Lamar County Historical Museum, which is operated by the Lamar County Historical Society. It is situated in Heritage Park. The museum consists of three areas: foyer with exhibition space, central section with six galleries and the rural life museum.

The foyer features the porch facade of the Judge Jim Noble Thompson home and cabinets from the former Staples Jewelry Store. There are more than 200 postcards with Paris scenes displayed on three walls.

The galleries include (1) a military room with artifacts from the Texas Revolution to the war in Iraq, (2) gallery for African Americans, (3) a rotating exhibit featuring small communities in Lamar County, (4) exhibit of artifacts from the great fire of 1916 and photo montage of Paris in 1914 shortly before the fire, (5) two rooms with a collection of early 20th century furniture and (6) two rooms displaying artifacts from the Buckner Orphanage - founded 1877 - which was demolished in 2000.

The Sheb Williams Rural Life Museum features the Biard log house (1846) which is the oldest house in Lamar County. It was moved to this site in 2002 and restored. Other exhibits are from the hay and cotton industries and a blacksmith shop. One of the most interesting things to me was the iron lung. I had read about them but had never seen one. The patient suffering from acute poliomyelitis was placed inside the sealed chamber, with the head outside the chamber, and was administered prolonged artificial respiration by means of mechanical pumps which alternately increased and decreased the air pressure. The oil painting on top of it was done by Lynn Campbell of Hugo, Oklahoma, who was in an iron lung for most of her life after age 17. She held the paint brush in her teeth.

The historic Union Station is across the parking lot from the museum. It is an attractive building in the prairie style similar to others by Frisco Railroad architects. Its square tower is 77 feet tall and can be seen for miles. The building now houses the Chamber of Commerce. It was closed today so we didn't get to visit it. However, I just had to take some photos of it. As I was taking my last shot, I was attacked by fire ants! I didn't know that I was even close to their den. Bill and Cindy took me to a CVS Pharmacy to get something to treat the stings. The pharmacist recommended that I take two Benedryl capsules and apply After Bite (the "Itch Eraser") which comes in a pen-like applicator. It gave me some relief. It's very convenient to carry in my purse.

Tonight we had a delicious dinner at home and then watched TV for a little while. Because of the Benedryl I couldn't stay up very late, though. My eyelids were drooping down to my knees. :>)


After church we went to Denny's for lunch. I had their French toast slam, which was good. Then we drove around a little. Bill pointed out his childhood home, church and school, as well as some other significant homes and buildings.

Around 3:30 or thereabouts, I headed back to Denison. I didn't want to be caught driving when the sun was low. It has been a very nice week end.

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