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That rig we were hoping to purchase yesterday was really weighing on our minds. We stopped by the dealership for one more look before it was time to head north. The more we looked the more we liked. The salesman said he still has not heard from the owner since their company is selling on consignment and cannot accept a lower price without his permission. He is a retired 85 year old doctor whose wife did not want him to buy this RV in the first place. It did not fit in their barn as their previous one had, so that is purportedly the reason for the sale. We love the floor plan and most of the technology is up to Ken's high standards. The dealership has the equipment to help us move the satellite dish from the trailer roof to the Class A roof, so we can keep blogging. Our hearts wanted to say yes, but our heads said no, so we headed north. The salesman promised to call as soon as he had gotten ahold of the ellusive doctor.

There were no expressways between Richmond and Elkhart, so we had a slow drive through countless small Indiana farming towns. Planting appeared to be just about finished. The homes and farms were invariably neat and tidy and peonies bloomed in almost every yard, but all that sameness and flatness got tedious after about an hour. Ironically the farther north we drive, the warmer the weather has gotten.

Once we finally made it to Elkhart, we visited a few more RV dealers to muddy the waters even more. One more visit to the rig we saw on the first day of this trip and then home to make a decision - or not!

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