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Palace of the evil Vizir

Crowded Marrakech medina

There are many things for sale

A traditional pharmacy

The pharmacist

Plates from Fes


Djelleba store


Wood carvings

A woman on a shopping trip

Djemaa el-Fan square

Fresh orange juice

Water sellers


Snake charmers

Cobra and viper

Snake eater

Snake charmer - "Do you want my snake around your neck?"

Will Pamela go for it?


Last group dinner

Dinner music

Lemon chicken

A crescent moon framed by the cactus

Jalil - our guide

Anne in her scarf. Watch the movie to see how it is...

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Anne is shown how to use the traditional head wrap

Saturday was our last day with the group, and we began with a tour of a huge palace of a "vizir" - corrupt and nasty prime minister 100 years ago, followed by a walk through some gardens and then an art gallery which actually had prices marked with a stipulated discount. (Prices are not marked anywhere else here!) Lunch followed, with a brief rest at the hotel, after which we went for a tour of the medina and its souks. We were taken into a pharmacy with local remedies and given a demonstration - interesting but too long - and a sales pitch. We felt very uncomfortable about buying anything there - it's so unknown and getting such things through customs might be difficult too. From there we walked to the other end of the medina - a rather terrifying walk with both donkey carts and motorcycles as well as crowds of people jockeying for space in the very narrow alleys. Having a guide is both protection and a salvation for discerning what to buy and having him bargain for us. Dinner was delicious, but way too much food, in another old residence tuned restaurant deep in the medina. This was our farewell dinner, which felt quite sad after such a close relationship with these people for a whole week. We all agreed that the camel ride in the desert was the highlight! Upon returning to the hotel, we said our good-byes since everyone else was leaving on a 6:00 AM Royal Air Maroc flight for New York. We had made our arrangements on British Airways through London because of our travel to Greece as well, and had a welcome chance to rest in the hotel until departing for the airport for our 8:50 PM flight to London.

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