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St Basils Cathedral Moscow

The Group

Where Yeltsin is laid to rest at mo, bless him

Didn't join the rest of group yesterady as they were off to see sights I had already seen, so I had a little sleep in (9 o'clock) before seeing the final sights I wanted to see Peter and Pauls Fortress, which is St Petersburgs answer to the Kremlin. They are renovating it though so looked like a building sight, and they don't seem to be doing a very good job. I bought a couple of water colours to send home, but fell at the first hurdle at DHL who said I needed the Minister of Arts permission to send them, as they didn't have his phone number I tried elsewehere. I eventualy got them away was I found the Post Office, they might be back for xmas. I was met to rendevous with the rest of the group for a meal at one of the tube stations, although it never happended as they were outside and I was inside!!! Eventually met up later to collect our bags and set off to Moscow on the train. I upset one attendant by trying to get on the wrong train which seemed to be a military train, he got slightly aggitated for some reason. We got onto out train and was pleasantly pleased, although we had the most miserable coach attendant going. There was myself , Margaret, Ross and rachael all in the cabin. We soon settled down and were very girlie and went to sleep. The ride believe it or not was very comfortable. We arrived exactly on time after a 8 hour drive through the night. Today we took a guided trip round the Kremlin and The Red Square. It's not what I was expecting but don't ask me what I was expecting I don't know!! It is still very impressive mind and find it hard to bvelieve I was stood in the middle of the red square. It's still very beurocratic here and you are aware of the police all the time. The 2 Aussie's I met were telling me how the police tried to rip them off yesterday with the passsport scam trying to charge the 150 pound sfor not having the corect documentation. We are not allowed to take pictures of the Metro as it is deemed military!, which is a pity as it is retro, although I'm not sure thats the look they were hoping for. Will try and send you the boring photo's when I can but not been able to download them yet.

TTFN Gary xx (2 days to Mr)

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