Mexico Bound - Winter 2007 travel blog

Where's global warming when you need it? It has dropped about 20ยบ since we left north Texas and the sky is heavy and gray. Forecasters are predicting snow southwest of us. Let's hope it stays there. We have shoveled six inches of snow from our slide outs once in our lives and we were hoping once was enough. The furnace is running full blast and the space heater is pumping away as well. Nevertheless I am wrapped in a quilt as I type. Should we winterize the trailer before we leave here? We'll have to drain all the water and put antifreeze in the lines. Will it freeze as we drive if we don't? Should I put as many liquid items in the refrigerator as will fit to keep them from freezing? We weren't expecting to be facing such problems this late in the spring.

We found a unique campground for the night. It's called RVEXpress and is modeled after the Holiday Inn Express. It's right off the highway so we can get going again tomorrow without messing around, even if it snows. It has only sixteen sites, and each one has full utilties and a picnic table as well as free internet and cable TV. We're looking forward to the free breakfast offered at the small restaurant on site. There's also a laundromat and small swimming pool here. That's a lot to offer for such a small number of sites.

We drove through a devastated looking area after we crossed into Missouri. It looked like an angry giant had swept through the area decapitating all the trees. Many of the branches were still hanging to the trunks by a thread and they have actually begun to leaf and blossom. Locals told us that an ice storm swept through the area at the end of January and the tree tops, heavy with ice, simply broke off. The town where we are camped was without power for two weeks. Some locals brought their rigs to our campground since it returned to the power grid fairly quickly and lived in their RV's til their homes came back on line. Clean up crews have been trying to clean up the mess since it happened, but to us it looked like the ice storm could have happened last week. It may happen again tomorrow.

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