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The Car

Dinner at the fabulous Nossi Be!

Our room...how medieval!

So bright and beautiful here in Nice! The sea is beautiful and the air is fantastic...so fresh, so clean! We got our rental car and took off down the coast. Drove through Antibes and Cannes...we are going back to Cannes tomorrow, it is stunning! But, Robert didn't sleep at all on the plane, so we headed to our hotel.

Auberge de la Vignette Haute ( www.vignettehaute.com) is a lovely hotel with Roman baths just outside the medieval village of Auribeau sur Siagne. Upon arriving, we asked if we were too late for lunch. We were told "I will see if the chef can put anything together for you." We sat on the terrace, looking out over the lush valley full of those long skinny Christmas tree-esque trees...I love those trees! I should really try to find out what they are called. We are about 10 minutes from Cannes and the Grasse. Grasse has several perfumeries because of all the flowers that grow in this valley. Needless to say, the whole place smells amazing!

When our lunch came out, you know the thing the chef was just going to throw together, there was shrimp (languoiste ??) with avocado, chicken with potatoes au gratin and lobster in a vegetable medley....sheez, I wish I could just "throw together" a meal like this.

Contrary to all the best advice we always give friends traveling abroad, we took a 4 hour nap...that should really push back our jet lag adjustment LOL!

Since our hotel was hosting some business meeting, we could not have dinner here. On the recommendation of the staff, we took the five minute walk into the perched village and ate at the Nossi-Be - a small inn and restaurant. Wow! The best meal ever!!! Each course just kept getting better and better. Now, obviously, I have had chocolate cake and ice cream before, but I felt like it was the first time ever! All of the flavors were mixed just right and I felt like I had chocolate dancing in my mouth—Heaven!!!! Robert had some type of Grand Marnier mousse and it was Divine!!! We both decided this was exactly why we keep coming back to France...best food ever!!!

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