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We finally arrived in Livingstone after 2 flights from Cape Town. Our first impression of Zambia was very different from that of South Africa. Cape Town had a very European feel, while Livingstone felt very African.

After arriving at our hostel, Heather and I wandered into the city center to acquire some groceries for the next couple days. The city center was crawling with people, which certainly accentuated the fact that we were in the minority. On the short three-block walk to the grocery store we were approached by at least ten different taxi drivers asking us if we needed a ride. Apparently there is an overabundance of taxis in the small town of Livingstone!

That night we went to a local restaurant for dinner. After we had eaten dinner, we noticed that we didn't have enough small change for a tip. Thus, I ordered an additional bottle of Fanta so we would have change. After getting change we left the restaurant with the soda in hand. As I was leaving the parking lot, a guy stopped us and told us that we couldn't keep the bottle. As any good person would do, I chugged the rest of the bottle in one breath and handed it in to him before walking back to our hostel!

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