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6am about to leave

One last group shot

Ready to go

Outside LA airport, the only place I was game to take a...

I've finally arrived in Los Angeles after my flight was delayed for an hour and a half at Sydney. Thanks so much to those who stopped into say goodbye at the airport and especially to Kirsti and Fran who ensured I still got on the plane despite my last teary moments.

The plane food was terrible (although I was served first as per my plan, by requesting a vegetarian meal, lol), and I hardly slept; just the usual flight scenario. It was a 13 hour flight, and its 8am here. Arrived before I left!

Waiting in line at Customs I was just looking through photos on my camera, deleting dodgy photos from last drinks Friday night out at the Terrigal pub, when a burly security guard bailed me up and demanded I show him the photos I had taken. I was a little taken aback and hesitantly showed him a photo of Alex posing (one of many!). He seemed a bit confused and said he thought I was taking photos inside the airport and if so I was to be arrested. Saved by the skin of my teeth on that one! Going through Customs I kind of felt like I was on the wrong side of the thin blue line being fingerprinted and photographed...

I'm in the Qantas Club lounge now, which is worth every cent! Hot showers, internet, complimentary cocktails, recliners...its fantastic. Will hang about here for the next few hours until I fly to Dallas.

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