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If the rest of the trip goes as fast as the first 10 days, we'll be back in town before you know it!! And before you ask "where are the photo's"? Technical difficulties have been encountered that may not be resolved while we are here, but we are working on it.

For those of you familiar with the Lake Tahoe area, Truckee is another quaint town and a central hub of activity. Ours mainly being snowboarding (Jill), snowshoeing, cross country skiing (Tom) and frequent visits to the bar of america for live music and a few refreshments.

Thanks to Lynn and Tom for a great visit last week, this week Kristin, Paige, Tyler and Dena and next week, Dave, Marci, Dave and Kelly... and I know there are more visits planned!!

A highlight from Tom - I have done a lot of snowshoeing (thanks Chris for lending the snowshoes - you don't even know...) and cross country skiing. So one beautiful hot day, I decide it's time to try and conquer "Martis Peak Lookout". The trailhead starts at 7200 feet and peaks at 8700 in 3.75 miles. It starts off with quite a steep incline and doesn't stop until you reach the summit. For a reasonably fit person like me, it is a two hour cross country ski journey to the top. But the view is breathtaking (sorry no photo's) and there is a hut at the summit - technically a fire lookout station in the summer. Four feet of snow are piled up at the door, and the sign reads - "door unlocked, but if it doesn't open, don't break it, use a window".

Gratefully the door wouldn't open, because I don't know about you, but my mother never let me climb in through window as a kid and she probably still wouldn't as an adult. So in through the window I went and one of the most spectacular, yet very basic lunch spots I have ever visited. But an even greater highlight was the descent....

What is steep up is also steep down. For those of you familiar with downhill ski's, there is a major difference in cross country ski's - no not that they are much thinner - it is that they have no metal edge. Thus turning would more aptly be described as a gentle arc. And one other given - descending on a bicycle is much more natural to me that these edgeless toothpicks.

Barreling down the hill, scrubbing speed as best possible with my "snowplow" technique, I decide to veer left into softer snow - which was a great idea. Under a thicket of trees, the snow is perfect consistency. Suddenly I am exposed to brilliant sunshine and Bam! I'm in a sea of mush, or cornmeal, the ski's have suddenly stopped and I'm headed for a face first landing and my ski's are 6 feet above my head. The british have an apt description - ass over tea kettle and I'd say mine was a 10 out of 10. Regaining my composure I notice one of my beloved security blankets, my poles, is slightly bent! A quick test says it'll make it to the bottom where I can straighten it. Hurtling down the remainder of the mountain was, well I'd like to think it was graceful and there was certainly no one there to claim otherwise, so we'll all just have to agree that's what it was - graceful.

Back at the car one hour after starting the descent, my legs were jelly and I thought about what a fantastic day it was and how much I'd love to have lunch at the lookout again, but then, there's that dang descent.....

Thoughts from Jill.....Until today, not a trace of snow since we've been here but the last four days of boarding have been unbelievable weather wise....boarding in 64 degree sun in January can't be beat! However, the 8+ inches of snow we received today will make for an epic day on the mountain tomorrow with Paige and Tyler.

Fondest memory to date: all the fun we've had with guests so far: Lynn & Tom, Dena, Kristen, Paige & Tyler.

Most hilarious memory: I was sitting on the Truckee shuttle bus at Northstar when all of a sudden this punk kid in the front of the bus yells out, "No way, bra....check out the dude in shorts!" I looked up, along with all other 12 people on board, and watched this tall hawaiian guy climb on the bus with his oakleys, snowboarding boots and shorts. The first thought that came to my blank mind was, "Damn, I love California".

I hope everyone is well. Love to you all!

Jill and Tom

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