Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Very romantic!!

Our first hostel room

Think our Rich or Toddy must have done work here!!

More mud flats than beach


Helen just getting ready to go for a swim!!

Spot the milk bottle legs

So amazed at the price we had to take a picture!

Palm cove

Tent bought, roll mats at the ready, we're off camping

Our first ever hostel! Greeted by tweety pie as cupid bed sheets - we guessed this is the hostels version at a honeymoon suite!

Ray the night manager sounds like he's had a little too much wacky baccy in his time - not the sharpest tool in the box, but knew his stuff about reef trips - or is that reefer trips?!?

First night got chatting to 85-year-old fella who hostels in Cairns every year, goes skydiving and white water rafting - had more energy than us!

Part of staying at the hostel was included the offer of having a full steak dinner for £2.5 every night, Paul ate steak every night for a week - fantastic.

Nearly walked into an old aussie pub but quickly realised it was full of blokes and there were no women at all - sharp u-turn done in double quick time.

Biggest event was been woken up at 6am by the double of WWF wrestler 'macho man' at 6am with him dancing to heavy metal music. He was two days into a 3 day bender as he'd just quit his job. Nobody said anything to him!! He spewed in the pool later that day, fell unconscious then came out on the night and promptly spat two day old beer and sick breath into everyone's face as he spoke - he was a real class act!

Cairns doesn't have any beaches just mudflats so swimming is confined to the lagoon which is where everyone heads to during the day as there is very little to do otherwise (plus we were avoiding the hostel pool!).

To get a taste of our first beach we took a bus up to Palm cove, which was nice if a little quiet.

Best part of Cairns was going a boat trip on 'The Falla' an old pearl lugger to the outer reef. Saw three massive tiger sharks on a boat at the harbour that had been caught the night before our trip, which put the wind up every one who was going out to the reef that day!! Paul still did an introductory scuba dive and then we both did snorkelling together. We visited Upolu Cay, which is a sand island in the middle of the Ocean, and it looked amazing, did a fantastic snorkel back to the boat from Upolu cay.

Got told about a tent that you can buy from Woollies for £16 - decided this was too good to miss as it would save us loads - we are ready to really rough it!

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