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Well, we are aboard ship and steaming toward Barbados. Day before yesterday a nice young man from Lyndon Freight Service picked up our motley assemblage of luggage (all nine pieces--Hey, Georgia, we ended up borrowing the piece you left in our storage locker. If that's not okay, too bad. It was nice not having to lug all that crap--(Unpacking, today, I wondered whether we really needed all that stuff!!)

Yesterday, our driver showed up in a Lincoln Town Car for our journey to Lauderdale. How nice to have only two small roll ons and one humongeous purse! Trouble started when we were about a block away from Shell Point. I realized I had forgotten my hearing aids. Oh dear. A quick U-ee and then I was okay. It would have been hell listening to lectures without them.

A nice trip across alligator alley. Confusion looking for Port Everglade and the ship but we got there in plenty of time. Thank god.

Got ready to check in and "woe is me". I couldn't find our Yellow Fever card. Trouble in River City. Could not embark without them. Shit, shit, shit. Could have retaken the shots on board but at $125 a shot it was not a good choice. The HAL (Holland America) people were very helpful. Lee called the Manager at Shell Point and asked her to rummage through that chest in the entry way for another travel folder (because he had put them in our old one!) and fax them to us. After that we they let us on the ship, but we had to huddle in our stateroom until the Fax came through which it did! Heavens to betsy, were we glad. Me especially because the cost of shots would come out of my Slot Machine money--(All fifty dollars of it! That's what is left of the $500 I won on a Princess Ship.

Dinner was delicious. But we have some different companions. Tell you more about them later.

Today, good breakfast and then I went to a Tai Chi Class. Instructor is very good and surprisingly I had a pretty good workout. We will have Tai Chi every seaday at 9 am.

All for now,

Oh, not sending any pictures yet, until the manager of the internet cafe can help me transfer them for the first time from the cameras.

Hope all is well at home--

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