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the Arno at sunrise, from the Ponte Vecchio

the Arno at sunrise, from the Ponte Vecchio


the Ponte Vecchio at sunrise

View down the Uffizi

Ceiling of La Cattedrale

Firenze from top of Forte Belvedere

View from Forte Belvedere

View of Il Duomo from Forte Belvedere

Jessica and Firenze from Forte Belvedere

View from Forte Belvedere

View of Firenze from Forte Belvedere

View of Firenze through sculpture by Folon

Woke up bright and early this morning (a little too excited, maybe?), so I walked to the Ponte Vecchio to watch the sunrise. Apparently, this is the best time to be awake if Firenze- all of the places usually packed with tourists are completely deserted except for the street cleaners. Of course, nothing's open...

After a short nap, I walked around aimlessly for a while and then decided to try and find Piazzale Michelangelo, where there is supposed to be an incredible view of the city. I got lost, but still managed to find Forte Belvedere, and old fort protecting Piazzo Vecchio, where there is an equally wonderful view of all of Firenze. Not only that, it is filled with art inside and sculptures outside, all by the famous Florentine artist, Forno. Beautiful, but the long uphill trek has put me in definite need of a shower.

It is now 10:30 and I can hear live jazz music from my open hotel room window. After more aimless wandering (in the other direction), I found myself at a reccomended Trattoria. Insalata Caprese (tomato, mozzerella, and basil) and a 1/2 litre of wine (vino rosso di la casa), plus interesting conversation with both locals and foreigners, and I am about ready to call it a night. A domani (until tomorrow)!

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