Home Away from Home - Winter 2020 travel blog


We are only allowed to park the motor home in front of our house for 24 hours. Before every trip we prepare piles of things to take and run back and forth throwing the piles into the coach. This can be a real ordeal. We will never forget the year we left for the winter carrying our belongings through huge drifts of snow and waiting for the engine to turn over in -4º temperatures. And now we will also never forget the year when it was a balmy 62º and we loaded the motor home in shirt sleeves wearing flip flops. We couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present. We thought about loading up on Christmas Day, but the neighbors on either side of us were entertaining family groups of 20+ people. Being good neighbors, we kept the motor home in storage and let all the family members park at will all over our street. As long as the weather stays benign, it doesn’t matter when we leave.

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