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We were up early and on the road by 5a hoping to catch the 8.30a ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver. We caught the 7.45a from Duke Point with loads of time to spare. By Noon we were having lunch in sunny Chilliwack.

We spent the afternoon visiting with Audree. It was so nice to see her after all this time. We picked up Chinese food....delicious.

After dinner we went to see Gord's cousins, Bill and Janice Balakshin. They run a 'Shower to Shower'....a night's stay...free...mostly for bicyclers...those going tip to tip in North America to South America or from coast to coast in Canada. They have met many different interesting people.

Wed. after a good night's sleep and a delicious breakfast and visit wth Bill and Janice, we left to drive across the border at Sumas, head west to I-5 and south to Seattle, Washington and I-90. Traffic on both highways was heavy. Still, we took turns driving for 2 hours at a time.

Snoqualmie Pass was beautiful in the sunshine with its high mountaintops all blues and greens and occasional flashes of red. I remembered one steep grade but no there were several ups and downs as we climbed to the flat lands above.

Once past Ellensburg the land flattened and colors changed to browns...ranging from golds through milk chocolate and dark brown shadows.

We had hoped to get to Spokane, Washington but stopped 30 miles short in a small railroad town called Ritzville. Yes the tracks are still there...and frequently travelled by north-south bound trains 24 hours a day. We stayed in a small hotel, had TV dinners and a surprisingly good night's sleep.

By 8a we were on the road again. The prairie gave way to gentle rolloing hills, lakes crowded with houseboats and cabins along shorelines. We crossed the Clark Fort River numerous times. We climbed passes of 4500 feet and 6500 feet as we crossed northern Idaho and descended to Montana. There were steep tan and rusty cliffs in places. There was remnants of last week's snow in pine trees and shadowed crevices. Rest areas were few and far between....and clean.

Tonight we have stopped in Livingston, Montana approximately 200 miles from Billings. There has been lots of bridge construction with speeds of 35 mph...so slow when the speed limit is 80. Rolling hills, golden deciduous trees sprinkled through blue green pines, mountain valleys with rivers in the bottom and occasional towns and cities dot the landscape.

Tonight we've settled in a Travelodge. Prices are higher as this is a gateway city to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. We have been there so will keep heading east.

We've lost an hour and will lose 2 more. We'll settle early.

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