Croatia and Greece Fall 2019 travel blog

Waiting for the plane in the Traverse City airport

Not much color in the forest near Traverse City

Our view of Dubrovnik when we arrived

Sun sets over the Adriatic Sea

Time for dinner

Lois writing:

Our flights overseas all went smoothly, and the luggage arrived first off the plane when we picked it up at baggage claim. Thanks to John & Marcy for taking us to the airport. We had about 2 hours to kill in the Detroit airport, where there are lots of choices for food. Even though we were getting a meal on the Air France flight to Paris, we had a salad at about 7 PM. Dinner arrived at 10:30, and we had time to sleep from 11:30 to 2:30. By then it was morning in Paris. We had paid extra to fly business class, which was a whole lot better than economy. John & I each had our own little compartment, with lots of room for our stuff, plus a seat that reclines completely. We didn't sleep a lot, but it was comfy. The service was wonderful!

Spending 3 hours in DeGaulle airport was not fun. First of all, we had to go through security again, and dump out the drinking water we had brought from home. Even though we are old, the French security system thinks we might be terrorists, so they searched our carry-on bags thoroughly. Once back inside the terminal, we discovered that they are NO drinking fountains, and a small bottle of water costs 3.5 Euros! You can buy all sorts of luxury items (expensive handbags, sunglasses, crystal and jewelry), but not really anything to eat.'s the worst....they allow smoking in some areas - including our gate area, plus the one place where there are tables to sit down for a snack. We found a spot to sit by another gate, and I actually dozed off for a while.

John writing now

We landed in Dubrovnik Croatia at about 4:30, and took a cab to our hotel (the Dubrovnik Palace). Our hotel room looked out on a bay that included part of Dubrovnik, and an island. So as the sun went down, we had a great view - see photos. Lois wanted something light for dinner, and I wanted a lot of food for dinner. So we ate in separate restaurants within the hotel. The main restaurants had a huge buffet that was all you could eat (for $50) so I was happy. Lois had green pasta with feta cheese and spinach ($40). We both went to sleep at 8 pm, and didn't get up until 8 am! We met the group at 1 PM on Sunday October 20 back at the airport. We have now been driven across the border to Montenegro, where we'll stay for two nights at the Palmon Bay Hotel. We are really glad we came a day early, since we are now over jet lag, and the others just want to sleep!

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