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This has been a very long day with a lot of ups and downs, both literal and figurative.

We started out from Hot Springs this morning before dawn and had our first "commuter" flight. It turned out to be a real pleasure: the people were all helpful; the plane was comfortable for the eight passengers it carried; there was no hassle; the flight was smooth; a driver took us from the arrival gate right to Delta to get our flight to LA. MUCH easier than driving to Dallas and battling the city traffic!

The flight to LA was standard: huge plane, packed; but it did have more knee room than I remember from previous flights. Getting through security was a hassle, though. Sam had left his cane in our car, so we decided to ask for a wheelchair for him. Big mistake! The chair "driver" was in such a hurry to get us through and his English was so heavily accented that I couldn't understand what he was saying, so he took my arm and shoved me in the direction he wanted me to go. Then when he finally got across to me that he needed our boarding passes, I managed to snag the back of my hand on a hook on the back of the wheelchair and promptly began bleeding all over things.

But we finally convinced him that we didn't want to go directly to the gate but, since we had a couple of hours to wait, we wanted to stop at a restaurant for lunch. We did have a lovely brunch, and the waitress even managed to come up with a bandaid for me.

The flight was uneventful (best kind!); we took a cab to the hotel which turned out to be charming but not too convenient. I think we will both be happy to get away from airports and settle down in a peaceful train compartment next.

And Iam still trying to learn how to manage photos on this little tablet, so some may look a bit peculiar!

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