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How we celebrated our son's wedding before heading out to the Grand...

Las Vegas Airport - a new adventure begins!

We passed through the Virgin River Canyon

The desert has beauty

One can see for miles and miles

St. George, Utah Our youngest son is now married, all the family who came for the event are back home and we are finally ready to hit the road again. We are not accustomed to being home for such a long period. It is time for an adventure on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon that has been several years in the making. Because of the timing of the wedding, we did not drive but flew out to Las Vegas, Nevada, where we rented a car. It was quite a day as we were in Nevada, Arizona and Utah all in a single day! It must be admitted, however, that St. George, Utah, is only 120 miles away from Las Vegas which, for us, is quite far enough. After all the rain (and floods) in Omaha, it was interesting to again see the desert terrain.

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