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Dandy the Dino

Bye Colorado!

Topeka Hotel

Day 1 – Denver to Topeka

This is like a dream come true for us. We have wanted to go to this sale for years, but Gene was chairman of the church bazaar and this was always the clean-up weekend when they took down the booths, tents, advertising, etc. Then, the last couple summers didn’t open up for us. But, now we are FINALLY going – WAHOO!!!

Treasure Hunting on this scale takes a lot of planning and upfront work. We mapped out our route, booked our hotels, tricked out our little cargo van with hooks to hang coats, hats, rain gear, shopping bags, etc. We put together a health/first aid box with sunscreen, poison ivy ointment, Advil, aloe vera, band aids, bug spray, Epi pen, anti-bacterial wipes, Benadryl, tums and more. We put together an office supply box with price tags, rubber bands, highlighters, pens, scissors, batteries and paper clips. We have a cooler, tons of water, a snack pack, and, of course, the emergency bread, peanut butter and jelly (you never know when it is going to be peanut butter jelly time!). We have 14 – 35 gallons bins, two empty suitcases to roll around the flea markets (thanks, Kay for the idea). There is a large box for board games and a box of newspapers. Then, we squeezed all of our clothes into one suitcase. And, now I have my laptop set up. This is new – I have MiFi from Verizon so I can use my Internet in the van!!! Our little Ford Transit already looks full, but the bins are empty. We might have to get a trailer hitch to add additional space! And, “DANDY” our lucky dinosaur that Gene bought from a little boy at a garage sale who told him it was lucky, is with us once again.

We left Denver about 3:15 pm. You know us – always running a little late. We have reserved a hotel room in Topeka and we arrived at 11:45 pm. We drove 550 miles today. We played the license plate game and sang with the radio like we always do. We ended with 22 states and the song Ironic. It was a wild ride. We would have arrived sooner, but we had to make a few stops – not for gas, not for the bathroom, FOR BUGS ON THE WINDSHIELD!!! Our windshield was SO bad you couldn’t see out of it. We went through the home town of Dwight D. Eisenhower and drove by Fort Riley. We just saw that Topeka has an Evel Knievel Museum – we don’t have time to stop this time, but we have made about 100 trips across Kansas, so maybe we can catch it next time.

We have to turn in now and rest up for another day of travel and our big adventure. It is 700 more miles to Chattanooga. I already have bleacher butt, but I’m not going to complain about sitting because I know in two days I am going to be begging to sit down.

Countdown to sale: 32 more hours!!! WAHOO!!!

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