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2018-04-18.Jamestown, Virginia

Since we will not be taking a really long spring trip this year, we decided to take a shorter trip to "Colonial Virginia" and the Tidewater area. We are staying this week at the Williamsburg Thousand Trails campground located about ten miles north of Williamsburg. The campground itself and this area is surprisingly hilly and there are few campsites that are level. Our jacks are on blocks and our front wheels off the ground but we are level finally. Because the trees have not fully leafed out, we can get satellite reception in this site B-34 so Bob is happy about that and we do have 50 amp full service hookups.

Today, we spent the afternoon at the Jamestown National Historical Park on a lovely spring day. Here, the early flowering trees have bloomed already but the redbuds and dogwoods are in full bloom and lovely. Virginia has a "settlement" at Jamestown that is a recreation of the original town but the national colonial park is located on the site of the first settlement in the "new world". Archeologists are on site sifting through the refuse of what was and while I was talking to one of the archeologists, she found a pottery shard that clearly contained the original glazing with a lovely pattern. The scientists clearly have more patience than I but it was exciting to share in the discovery.

The site is located on the James River and contains the ruins of many buildings including the church and chapel containing the graves of the early settlers. So many died from hunger during the winter when they could not leave the fort to hunt because of the Indian threat. Apparently even cannibalism occurred which is a horrific thought but how brave these settlers were to come to a land of unknowns. I'm not sure I would have the courage or resolve to face what they did.

Roadie had fun licking the faces of all of the school children who were at Jamestown on school trips. Of course they wanted to pet him and laughed and laughed when he gave them big kisses.

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