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Trump chocolate

El Salvadore

Tree in Managua

Up pretty early and Kitty and Alice feed the critters. Then we pack the car and head for Dulles!

Stop at Sheetz on the way to gas up and then head up route 29. No major issues. Stop at the Sheetz in Opal but all the gas tank were either empty of occupied, so we got some snacks and continued on our way.

Got to the Wingate in Chantilly and parked the car. Very windy day so quite cool. We only had to wait about 15 minutes before the driver showed up and we were at the airport a bit before noon. As we had our tickets printed out we checked our bags and went to TAS pre – so little issue at security.

We took the train to terminal B and I did a movie of the ride – nothing spectacular. We wandered around the airport for a bit as we were quite early. Saw some Donald Trump chocolates at the duty free – most unusual.

Got on our Avianca flight to San Salvador and had good seats. Kitty watched a couple of movies. I tried but my screen froze and would not come back on, so I read (and napped). We got into El Salvador with no problems. Went to gate 17 – but boarding area was closed, so we wandered then got some lunch/dinner as a local place just before they closed.

About the time we were to board we found that our gate had been moved to #4 – all the way at the other end of the airport! We hurried down and… waited about 30 minutes before they boarded. Flight to Managua was uneventful – and about 40 minutes!

We breezed through passport control and customs and just outside say a guy with our name. He spoke no English. A couple of thugs pushed our bags (for $1 each) then we headed out to Leon and our hotel.

Managua seemed a nice city then lots of countryside until we got to Leon – with lots of painted lions at the entrance to the city. Then the fun began.

We got to what we thought was our hotel and woke up the clerk. The documents we had showed that was the hotel we were to be at, but in the small print it was another hotel. After 30 minutes or so of confusion we discovered we were at the wrong hotel (no Spanish, no English…). We got a taxi to the right one and checked in with no problems. But when we went to shower there was no hot water!

All in all a pretty exhausting day (we got in the hotel a bit after midnight). And then… without AC we were too cold all night – we didn’t realize there were blankets in the cupboard!

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