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I am so excited . . . I just had to share the information I j use learned!! Those of you who have been following my blog know how very important my photos are to me!! I love taking them and I love sharing them!! Since my first blog, i have struggled with getting my LG phone to communicate with my Apple IPad. Various people have given me various suggestions. I had successfully used an app for my last blog, but it was very time consuming and required so much data as well as a very strong internet connection. But I got it done!! This time I was determined to find a better way!! And i did!! Well I found the PERSON who found a better way!! So simple!! Ha, there is a sub story here with one of life's moral lessons! As I stood in line at Verizon, I zeroed in on a young lady that I KNEW I did not want to help me. . . Her distant stare and . . . .

Oops fast forward to today Tues April 24!!!! I guess i had better finish that story?????

When we left the story I was hoping our distracted Verizon assistant with her distant stare as she helped the person in front of me, would not pick me!!! She obviously either didn't know what she was doing or just didn't care. Long story short . . . She looked right at me and called my name!! I took a deep breath, stepped forward and politely told her my issue. And do you know what??? She solved in 3 minutes what i have not been able to solve in 2 years of endless search, questions and trips to Verizon!!!! With 2 simple clicks!!! Was I happy?? And quietly remorseful for making judgements! I did not confess my previous doubt but I did shout OMG, I think i have to kiss you!! I was just so very happy!! And her solution has continued to work!!

In the event that you may be interested in what the problem was, it had to do with my photos transferring from my phone to my iPad. I have an LG phone which does not communicate with the iPad. As a result i have tired apps that take gobble up time and data, tried sending them via email which also gobbled up valuable time and data! This lovely lass that i did not want to pick me showed me the answer in 2 clicks!! Amazing!! So lesson learned . . . Don't judge the clerk by the cover!!!

Nothing like a little story to break up bicycle stories!!!

See you at the next post. Thanks for checking in as we prepare for the big trip and get closer and closer!!

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