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Ozark, AL to Home - our route - 295 miles

Ozark, AL to Home 1 - Below Dothan, AL just before FL-GA...

Ozark, AL to Home 2 - just a little farther along US...

Ozark, AL to Home 3 - Many signs on I-10 were destroyed

Ozark, AL to Home 4

Ozark, AL to Home 5 - a lot of trees down everywhere

Ozark, AL to Home 6 - down trees all the way to...

We made it back home Sunday afternoon after a 295 mile trip from Ozark, AL to our place not far from Green Cove Springs, FL. The whole trip was in bright sunshine for a change!

We did see lots of damage from Hurricane Michael once we got a little south of Dothan, AL all the way to Tallahassee, FL. Lots of buildings with tarps, blown out and damaged signs and down trees everywhere. We saw some fields where hundreds of pine trees were all snapped off about 8-10 feet high. The oaks trees are stronger but have shallow root systems so they just blow over.

Our expense summary for this year's journey is below. The expenses were considerably higher this year on just about everything, from fuel to campgrounds to repairs! But it still only averaged a little over $83 per day.

Final Expense Summary:

RV Fuel - $2,090.01 or .45/mile

RV Misc - 757.25 (wash & waxes, cabinet upgrades and misc. small items)

RV Maintenance - 284.77 (annual maintenance)

RV Repairs - 2,541.29 (new windshield, main awning repair, new toilet, sat dish repair, re-weld rear house on chassis)

Generator Maintenance - 64.68 (annual oil & filter changes)

Auto Fuel - 619.00

Auto Maintenance - 1,144.70 (front-end ball joints and tie rod ends replacement and alignment)

Campground Fees - 4,881.63 or 23.70/night (5 months of monthly rates held it down a lot)

Attractions - 299.16

Food - 1,546.81 or 7.51/day (some of this is cleaning supplies, paper products and other non food items purchased at the grocery store)

Restaurants - 1,503.47 or 7.30/day

Laundry - 60.00

Clothing - 39.00

Household - 265.85

Crafts and Entertainment (mostly ammo) - 278.22

Gifts & Souvenirs - 391.75

Medical - 351.89 (dental and temporary prescriptions


Total - $17,119.48 or 83.10/day

Total miles driven in Mothership - 4,673 or 223 miles per stop average

Total days on trip - 206

We will be heading back to Waynesville, NC and Trails End RV Park next summer but first we will spend two weeks down in central Florida for Christmas at Lake Louisa State Park.

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