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Our scary long boat ride

Our hotel

The high street

The monkeys

The beach


Our new friends

Curry night

Another of the beautiful beach

We have spent the last four night at Railay beach. It is one of those picture postcard places and somewhere we have looked forward to visiting since we started out 5 weeks ago.

To get to Railay you have to take a longboat as the island is not accessible by land. After a slightly bumpy 15 minutes where we thought we were going to capsize every 10 seconds we arrived at what is possibly the most beautiful place we have ever seen. The island is surrounded by lush jungle and towering rocks which come out of the water. Given it is low season at the moment it was also surpsiringly quiet.

Railay itself is tiny, consisting of only a handful of shops and restaurants whuch are essentially huts. There is one small clinic on the island, one atm machine but fortunately an amazing Indian restaurant!

Whilst the beauty of the island is a given, it did come with a few small drawbacks. Notably these were in the shape of wild monkeys, mosquitos, large lizards and wasps! Needless to say this made the island slightly less attractive than on a postcard but nether the less being able to sit on the beach with a beer and watch the sun go down was quite spectacular.

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