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When we were still in Florida I wondered if we were coming home soon enough to get ourselves unpacked and turned around in time for our next adventure halfway around the world. It turned out that nine days at home were more than sufficient. It's a chore to get the motor home emptied in the 24 hours we have to park it in front of our home, but it always gets done. We found a new place to park it a few miles from our house and only had to go back once to retrieve things we forgot. Ken pumped antifreeze into the water lines for the one night of below freezing temperatures we have had so far. Better to be safe than sorry.

We've made significant inroads into the mouse colony that moved into our pantry while we were gone. Using a collection of snapping and no-kill traps, Ken has caught twelve of the little buggers so far. One night two of them crawled into the same trap. But we're pretty sure they aren't all gone. The Albert Einstein mice are still left. They know how to lick off the peanut butter without snapping the traps and one has crawled into the no-kill, eaten the peanut butter and left a few little mouse turds behind and crawled back out. I'll do a better job of securing the food we're leaving behind and hope that the genius mice have enough sense to go back outside now that it is warmer. Fantasies come cheap.

Tomorrow we're flying to Singapore, a destination that has a special place in our hearts. In 1979 a friend got a teaching job there and invited us to visit. We weren't exactly sure where it was; we're not sure he knew where it was either, but what an opportunity for us all! We drove our camper van to Seattle, flew to Asia and had so much fun with him and his family in this exotic spot that we came back with $5 between us. Our flight stopped in Hong Kong just as we will tomorrow. A typhoon cancelled the flight out and we settled in to sleep on the airport floor because this was the time long before credit cards and we had no money. When we did make it back to Seattle, the campground owner kindly cashed our personal check to we could buy enough gas to make it back to Illinois. It would be nice to have the young and energetic bodies we had back in 1979, but I'm feeling much better about our financial state on this flight.

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