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Oriole Nest

Male Oriole

2017-07-14.Home Again

It occurred to me today, as we were sitting at a campground in Gettysburg, sipping Mojitos, that I had not completed the travel journal with an "ending". Well, we returned to Doylestown and Pine Mill Circle on May 24th. Thankfully, the grass wasn't too high and the weeds had been chopped down somewhat. Still, there was alot to do around the house and the inevitable "clean out" of the RV and, I returned to work.

On a really cool note, for the first time in the 28 years I have lived in our house, we had an oriole family build a nest and raise a family. The nest is shaped like a pear and was woven of fine materials including some blue strings that make the nest look really colorful. I heard the orioles singing in the yard every day, and finally, one afternoon, spotted them and the nest in an ash tree right next to the house. Every day, the clear notes of the birds serenaded us until, one day, the chicks fledged and the birds were gone. But, last week, I heard them again and we saw the male oriole flying around the back of the yard so perhaps there is another brood being raised elsewhere.

We also had a wren family build a nest in our bird feeder. This happened last year but the birds died when it got too hot. This year, we opened the back of the feeder to give some air flow and Bob fitted an umbrella over the feeder for some shade. Not only did the five little chicks survive, but the parents built a second nest on top of the first, presumably to start yet another family. We cleaned out the feeder though and filled it with seed. The wrens have moved to a tree next to the house and scold us continuously for evicting them.

We are currently planning our fall trip to Quebec city and the Gaspe peninsula in Quebec province and will send out our "invitation" for you to join us virtually on our trip. We'll be leaving on August 14th. a final note, it was a lovely trip filled with flowers, beautiful scenery, stunning vistas and visits with good friends. Great time.

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