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It's been a beautiful fall with comfortable temperatures and bright blue skies, interspersed with enough showers to keep the lawns bright green. But the forecast is for cooler temps and those days keep getting shorter. We've spent the day packing the motor home, trying to think about what we will need as we return home before Thanksgiving, and travel to Cuba and take a Caribbean cruise from our Titusville campsite early next year. It's been a treat to do that packing in shirt sleeves, rather than climbing over snow drifts into the motor home. Ken didn't miss having to winterize all the water lines either.

He's has been busy with home improvements as always. The new toilet we bought in Tucson last winter did not fit easily into the plumbing from the previous one, so it has taken a bit of ingenuity to find a way to mount it so it functions well and looks as if it had always been there. When the frig defrosts the drain hole was plugged, dribbling water on the floor periodically. To fix this, Ken has to take the whole freezer apart, but a few videos on UTube made the operation go well. Just when he could take a breath of satisfaction, he discovered that one of our slide walls no longer will slide out. The manufacturer in Elkhart can't get us in until December when the motor home will be parked in Florida. They sent us a part to try, but it didn't fix the problem. It never seems to end...

While we were here, we made some improvements as well, getting a new tiled shower and countertop in the master bath. It came out so well, we'll be saving our pennies to do something similar to the guest bath when we're home again. We also bought a new Jeep, which superficially looks quite similar to the old one, but its black color will match the motor home much better. More importantly it has many new safety features. As we backed out of the driveway the other day, it noticed that the garbage can was behind us before we did and brought us to a stop. The side mirrors also signal when vehicles are in our blind spot. As we age and our faculties diminish, having a car that it smarter than we are should be a real asset.

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