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Today was our last working day for 15 days. I don't think I've ever not worked for 15 days, so the prospect is both thrilling (freedom!) and frightening (what WILL my email inbox look like). But to be basically done with work at 6 pm on a friday before I leave on vacation for two weeks feels like an indulgence in itself. [Note: before prior vacations, i.e. our trip to Quebec I was working til 11 pm the night before we left, then frantically packing and then getting three hours of sleep. With the boot. Remember that? Let's not].

I'm not sure how much updating of this journal I'll manage to do from my kindle en route, so i'll try to set the stage now.

Our Planned Itinerary:


Monday 29 Aug - Arrive in Paris; Ille de la Cite (lunch at Le Fous de Ille), Cathedrale Notre-Dame, Jardin Del Tuilleries (drink at La Terrase de Pomone), dinner at Bouillion Racine. Our hotel in Paris is the Signature Saint Germain between the 6th and 7th Arr, but more importantly just a block or two from Le Bon Marche.

Tuesday 30 Aug - Pick three - Musee D'Orsay, (lunch w/ a view of the Eiffel Tower at Les Ombres) Trocadero, Champs-Elysees/Arc d' Triumphe, then Luxemborg Gardens

Wednesday 31 Aug - 10 am - Catacombs, Pere Lachaise, Centre Pompidou , Le Marais. Possibly Sacre Coeur. If we're lucky, dinner at La Comptoir du Relais - a popular bistro right now that does not take reservations

Thursday 1 Sept -TGV train from Paris to Beaune via Dijon. Tour the Musee de'LHotel-Dieu (this is a hospital)


Friday 2 Sept - Wine tasting.

Saturday 3 Sept - Semur-en-Auxois en route to Chablis. Wine tasting. Dinner in Chablis.

Sunday 4 Sept - weather permitting, we might hit this amusement park. If not, auxerre and wine.

Monday 5 Sept - weather permitting, wine tasting via scooters


Tuesday 6 Sept - Bourges en route to Amboise. This is our biggest driving day.

Wednesday 7 Sept - Chemoneaux, amboise, pop through a sancerre winery if we're up for it

Thursday 8 Sept - more chateaux, and/or perhaps this zoo. Or this one. The Loire is a hotbed for animal parks, apparently.

Friday 9 Sept - one more chateau (tbd), and we drive to CDG to our hotel inside the airport for our morning departure.

Things that are on my mind as we prepare to go:

1) The usual "am I going to pack the right clothes" worry. Paris is experiencing a heat wave, but the other places on our itinerary will be in the 70s during the day and as low as 45 at night. So we're anticipating the power of light layers but I'm banking on mostly open toed shoe weather. As we are strongly committed "carry on" people we are only bringing three pairs - one on our feet and two in our bags.

2) How little can I pack and still look stylish, given as committed carry on people, we do sink laundry and i wear a lot of black. This means there are scarves going in that carrry on bag. [This time I purchased a travel clothesline and a sink stopper in anticipation of three rounds of sink laundry. I am PREPARED to have clean clothing.]

3) Have I underplanned our activities or overplanned? We don't do kamikaze trips, but I feel if there's no plan, we'll just walk aimlessly from cafe to cafe.

Enough. Let's regroup after packing is complete.

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