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2016-08-31 – Fishing the Piankatank River

The fish are mocking me! After two days of fishing, no luck. Yet, whether on the dock or in the kayaks, the fish are jumping all around us; some thunks from the larger fish and some splashes from the smaller ones but one thing is clear, they are not interested in our bait. It is fascinating though watching the different schools of fish dart all around us. There are the tiny minnows in schools of the thousands lazily swimming around the pier pillars. And as I watched I saw a circle of choppy water. At first, I thought that it was just an area where the breeze had freshened a small spot of water. Then, I realized that this choppy water was moving toward me and when it got close, I could see thousands of 3-4 inch fish flashing silver in waves that undulated and darted in response to something only they could see. The school traveled back and forth while I waited for “the big one” or even, a little one. The water here is salty and quite warm; about 85 degrees. Here and there, a crab can be seen spinning along the bottom or motoring toward the surface while small jellyfish gracefully navigate to parts unknown. Along the shoreline, mature eagles fish but as far as we could see, they were having no luck either. Only the herons had no difficulty finding a meal.

Need to find a different bait....

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