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When we returned from our trip traveling the southwest and Pacific Coast last winter, I was ready to be at home for a while after almost six months away. But now that we have been home more than two months, we have begun suffering from what RV’ers call “hitch itch,” a feeling that it is time to head out and explore. During the first month at home we were busy, catching up with doctor’s appointments, garden chores, home maintenance and most importantly reintroducing ourselves to friends and family who had pretty much forgotten what we looked like. But now the pace has slowed considerably and we have been house bound more than we would prefer because of the warm temperatures and super high humidity. There were days when we played tennis and I felt like I needed gills; there was no air in the air. So it’s time to head out to some more comfortable temperatures. But when I look ahead to the weather in Oslo and Reykjavik, I’ll probably be complaining that it’s too cold. It’s hard to please Goldilocks!

Traveling can be expensive, but this stay at home has challenged the family treasury. We have traded in our old Jeep for a new one; Jeeps are among the easiest cars to tow. For superficial people like me it is a treat to have the car match the motor home once again, as it did with our 2004 Dutch Star. The more practical and far better informed Ken has been impressed by all the new safety features that new cars have today. As we get older we need all the help we can get to keep us moving smoothly and efficiently in a forward direction! When we return from this trip we will need to get the new Jeep outfitted for towing - installing the base plate and hitch connections, wiring harness and braking system will cost a few bucks as well.

We leave with the other big project partially finished - a bathroom renovation. In our tract home the white bathroom with white plastic-y fixtures looked more like it belonged in a hospital than a home despite my best efforts to add some color with wall paper. Out with the white shower enclosure with the cracks in the floor and in with a tiled shower. Ken is looking forward to the shower head with its many settings and blue tooth speaker. He’ll be singing in that shower. A matching counter will also make it look less institutional.

So we have been packing amidst piles of bathroom stuff, a distraction to say the least. The first leg of this trip is in NYC, so if we forget something it will hopefully be an item that is easily replaced while we are still in the affordable US. Every time we have visited Scandinavia, I have wondered whether we live in a third world country when it comes to prices as well as policies. In New York we’ve booked some food tours and some plays and will have no problem filling in the rest of our time there. There’s always so much to do in the Big Apple!

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