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This sea serpent goes under the road and up the other side

My Mom and Stepdad standing uder his head

A prehistoric bird feeding it's young a snake

closeup of the detail of the wings

Look at the left bottom by the plant. It's a nest of...

This jeep is one of my favorites, it's so realistic

Climbing up the mountain

Do you think he will make it??

This miner and his mule is great. If you can enlarge the...

Do you think he will find gold?

Again if possible, enlarge this, the detail if amazing

Thanksgiving was 90 RV Rigs strong with all the turkey trimmings

My Mom, Lynn, Stepdad, Buck and myself

This year I am going to try to keep up with my travels. LOL.

I am in New Mexico at the moment, but could not start this year without showing you an amazing place that I visited at Thanksgiving last year.

The town is Borrego Springs, and it is just west of the Salton Sea in the southern part of California.

The WINS, my traveling group, celebrate Thanksgiving there every year, and I was able to bring my parents with me also.

Now...Borrego Springs is not exactly a thriving metropolis (3500 pop.), but it has something that no other town in the world has...the amazing metal sculptures of Ricardo Breceda, scattered throughout the desert in and out of Borrego Springs.

A land developer named Dennis Avery had the vision of using his land as an enormous outdoor gallery, home to Breceda's Artwork. There are now approx. 130 sculptures scattered throughout the desert. A good majority are of prehistoric animals, but there is also a jeep crawling over the mountain, a miner and his mule, a wine vineyard, and so much more. We toured for a whole day looking at them. What a treat. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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