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Fledgling Black capped chickadee

Deer along Delaware River

Bald Eagle along Wading River, New Jersey

Blue Grosbeak, Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

Diamond Back Terrapin, Forsythe NWR

Well, all good things must come to an end and on May 27, 2016, we arrived back home. Thankfully, Pete, our lawn guru, had weeded the flower beds so the yard looked pretty good. The peonies and irises were blooming and the grass was a lovely green color. While we were gone, the birds had a field day. Since our bird feeder was not being filled, a house wren pair decided it would make a good nest. They laid 6 small brown eggs and now, there are 4 very noisy hatchlings in the feeder. A pair of chickadees laid their eggs in a cat shaped bird house in one of the flower beds and their young hatched and fledged the other day. Three little chickadees spent the day trying to get their bearings out of the grass and into some cover. Finally, they made it, after a little nudge from us. Then, two blue jays fledged and we had to be careful to keep Roadie from chasing them in the yard.

I went back to work and am now working at least three days a week. It was nice to see my friends at work but...the work...not so much. We were happy to see our friends and family - best part about coming home!

Of course, there's lots to do in the yard but since we will be home most of the summer, I did plant a garden with lettuce, cukes, beans, zucchini, mini-pumpkins, tomatos and peppers along with some basil and cutting zinnias.

I was also able to get some celery plants and hopefully, they will do well for me. Usually, when I can get them, the celery plants love it in the garden and I typically dry the celery to use in soups and stews all winter.

Fresh strawberries were wonderful but very expensive. Margaret Johnson and I paid $10.00 for a gallon of strawberries that we picked in Tennessee. The farmers here were selling the berries for $6.50 per quart if you picked them yourself!!!!! Wow. Nothing like Pennsylvania berries but.... Now, the New Jersey blueberries are in and while camping in New Jersey this weekend, I bought a case to freeze and make pies.

Will be writing the occasional entry as we will be camping each weekend at different places in the Northeast. We kayaked 11 miles on the Delaware River last weekend and down the Wading River in New Jersey today. The hamstring....had two weeks of physical therapy and my leg is so much better though it was pretty sore after the kayaking. Still, I will get one more week this week and plan to go back to the gym. Hopefully, by next week, I'll be back at Zumba.

Bob is busy with yard work and other household chores. I think he wishes he was still on the road. Last but not least, there's Roadie. After he peed on the floor of the kitchen just to re-mark his territory, he has adjusted to having a big yard but we finally decided to train him using an electric collar. So....we'll keep you posted on that. So far, it is a miracle but...we'll see. We're using our trainer to work with Roadie and then we are practicing with him each day. Hopefully, he will be an angel next time we travel. the way, may be to South Dakota in September to see the annual bison roundup in Custer State Park.

So, all our "western" may be seeing us sooner than you think.

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