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Staying with the Plotkins in Gettysburg

A cozy fire


Joel, Gretchen, and Max

Visiting the Gettysburg site with the eternal flame in background



Split rail fence




More cannon

President Eisenhower's farm

Little Round Top


From the peak of Little Round Top


The Cashtown Inn

I featured this historic inn in my book, "The Legend of the...

We had dinner in the fireplace room of the Cashtown Inn.

A memorable trip. See you soon!

April 5 - 9 Plotkins, Gettysburg, and home

Our last stop before arriving home was at the home of Audrey’s in-laws, Gretchen and Joel Plotkin. Audrey is our daughter who lives in Amherst, MA on a farm. The Plotkins live in a community near Gettysburg, PA. They have a Christmas tree farm and grow some of their food including chickens. We arrived early in the afternoon and Gretchen who is a great chef, was preparing Chicken Paprakash for dinner. Their large, gentle dog, Max greeted us and then settled down in front of the wood stove. We enjoyed wine and cheese before the fire and after dinner relaxed, talked about our children and grandchildren until we all were overcome with sleep after the drive.

It was cold outside the next morning and a hearty breakfast of sunny-side-up eggs with a delicious bread, fueled us up and we reviewed the Italy trip that Joel and Gretchen had just completed. We are particularly interested since we are planning another cruise to the Dalmatian coast and then northern Italy and Switzerland next September to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

In the afternoon, we had a tour of the Gettysburg battlefields given by Joel who is an expert on the the subject. Of course, Tom documented this and be sure to view the photographs.

Dinner this evening was at an historic site, The Cashtown Inn. Tom made sure the owners got a copy of his new book (The Legend of the Pikesville Cave) since the Inn played a role in the battle of Gettysburg and is featured in the book.

After breakfast the next morning, we bade good-bye to the Plotkins and headed home. It was a great drive back to Webster and a simple supper of soup was just right for the tired travelers. We hope you got the idea that there will be another trip next September. Stay tuned for that adventure as well as some we may write about this summer.

Happy travels!

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