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Our trip home from Albany, GA to home covered 203 miles with most of it I-75 and I-10. It was an easy drive that we have taken many, many times in the past. We did give the Mothership a final drink as we approached home so she would have a full tank and we could tally the trip's expenses which are summarized below.

Final Expense Summary:

RV Fuel - $2,432.74 or .314/mile

RV Misc - 803.01 (three washes, two waxes and misc. small items)

RV Maintenance - 391.80 (normal annual oil & filter changes)

RV Repairs - 908.98

Generator Maintenance - 141.36 (annual oil & filter changes)

Auto Fuel - 384.85

Auto Maintenance - 35.95

Campground Fees - 6,296.22 or 29.15/night (anywhere from $9.00 to $53.95 per night, lowest was the Aux Arc COE in Ozark, AR and the highest was the Blackwell Island RV Resort in Couer d'Alene, ID)

Attractions - 270.02 (most of this is the IL Divo concert)

Food - 2,052.72 or 9.50/day (some of this is cleaning supplies, paper products and other non food items purchased at the grocery store)

Restaurants - 1,285.50 or 5.91/day

Laundry - 106.75

Clothing - 128.40

Household - 223.29

Gifts & Souvenirs - 706.63

Misc. - 135.63


Total - $16,303.85 or 75.48/day

Total miles driven in Mothership - 7,756 or 189.2 miles per stop average

Total days on trip - 216

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