Tom & Roberta take on Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

The year was 2002 and Tom and I were just beginning to know each other. One day Tom says "Hey would you like to go to Paris? There's a tennis tournament I've always wanted to see." I responded "WHAT? I can't just go to Paris with you."

Fast forward 11 anniversaries which have included multiple trips to France, Italy and England, we are now about to embark on a new adventure to discover Spain and Portugal.

Airport shuttle service was provided by Sandra Lee Rostad. Our flight tickets included TSA/Pre check clearance.......... there were hoards of people in the security line and maybe 5 in the pre-check. We literally sailed through 2 minutes maximum. I was worried about carrying my Humera drug through security. I had it out and a big explanation ready.... he just said "we don't worry about that go on through....."

Then the unthinkable happened our gate was right next door to Perry's! That's right Tom's old hang out in SF has a place at SFO...Tom immediately noticed the trademark blue and white gingham tablecloths and they had same black and white mosaic tiles on the floor as well. We were starved and just sat and ate until they started boarding. Smooth as silk.

We boarded the flight and actually had fun with the flight crew. They came to ask if we wanted a drink and Tom handed them a credit card and asked them to run a tab! She says okay we charge for everything anyway we will run a tab. We used the joke all trip long and I was told they were charging me per step up and down the aisle so I say I'd better start hopping. In the end they only charged us $4 for everything. First time in forever I've enjoyed the flight crew.

Next worry was the connection from a domestic to international in 30 minutes. No Problem the flight connection was 2 short gates away. We got off one flight and in 5 minutes boarded the 2nd. Very well orchestrated.

It kind of fell apart a little after that. By the time we arrived in Paris we couldn't figure out which style our bags were coming up in. Then there was the connecting flight to Barcelona.... Yikes! Such a pain (not surprising for CDG airport.) We finally found out we had to go to terminal 3 and were told to follow the signs to terminal 3 to catch a shuttle. Off we started walking exhausted from the 2 former flights. Sign after sign we passed up escalators down stairs. We came to the end of the building and had to walk around to continue the journey down corridors and finally came to a spot clearly not near any terminal, but we kept walking and found the shuttle. It dropped us off at what "said" terminal 3 but that was a bus/train transportation center and restaurants. I found someone who said look down at the floor and follow the blue line.... we continued our walk outside the building down a sidewalk to a crosswalk then through a tunnel that went under a freeway.......... We were NOT happy. But our airline was there as promised and we checked in. Tom and I decided we walked at least 2 miles no joke with baggage!

Last bad item of the day. My carry on was pulled aside in security and they had a HUGE problem with the Humera.....some flip agent just says "NO!" "you cannot Havre it" then sauntered away. But the agent actually going through the bag whispered "don't worry" you can bring it with you. I had to refrain Tom from going after him.......

Okay good bye tedious plane flights.

HELLO Barcelona!!!!! Beautiful beautiful Barcelona... we've of course already made friends with the taxi driver who brought us from the airport and also the check in clerk at our hotel.......... who we now know is named Frank after his Father Frank and his Grandfather Frank. Our Frank was born and raised in Cuba while most of his family was in Florida. (That came in the first 5 minutes..........)

Tom and I are going to get a good night sleep and tomorrow finally see Sagrada Familiar.

Good Night!!!

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