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September 15, 2015 – Roadie

We flew across Missouri, Illinois and Indiana staying at a small KOA that was barely big enough for us and at a Missouri State Park. Yesterday though, was a nightmare with one big exception; Roadie, our new Aussie puppy. We were expected at the Sunnyrain Kennels in Raymond, Ohio around 4:00 p.m. to meet with the breeder, Heather Moyer, and to meet and pick up Roadie, who was 10 weeks old yesterday. It took us 8 hours to go about 240 miles. First, the road we planned to take was actually closed with no clue given as to how to get around the closure. We used the GPS to program the address in and, it took us to Indianapolis in the middle of rush hour through interstate road construction; something that our original route avoided. Then, finding Raymond, Ohio, or, rather, finding some easy way to get there was almost impossible. It is one of those small towns that sits equidistant from north, south, east or west direct routes; in the middle of nowhere. Its claim to fame is that there are two huge Honda plants there so most of mid-Ohio workers, are employed there is some capacity. We had to pass the plants and they are simply enormous in size.

We called an RV park in Raymond and they assured us that our 40 ft. unit would have no trouble getting in. When we got there, at 3:30, the office was closed, the owner of the park was not at her home, and, there was NO WAY we could even get the RV down the lane and NO WAY we could have gotten level even on the more open field, which was like a rutted cornfield. By this time, it was 3:50 so we just parked the RV on the side of a cornfield, unhooked the Jeep and drove the 4 miles to the breeder’s home where, finally, the day got better!

Roadie was sitting in one of those portable gated enclosures all by himself but as soon as he saw us, he started leaping up and down, barking etc....all the things that puppies do. Since we got Dixie when she was 10 months old, leash, house and crate trained, Roadie is quite a shock. Heather, the owner of Sunnyrain Kennels, had an entire packet of information detailing Roadie’s pedigree, his shot status and a contract that we will get him neutered. Meanwhile, her 24 other doggies were either crated or in a huge enclosed pasture. Apparently, she lets half of the dogs out during the day and the other half at night. She called Roadie, “Ollie” for “Alli alli all in free” because, according to her, he has a big personality. After only one day, I can tell you that this assessment is accurate. He is like a whirling dervish for 45 minutes, then crashes where he happens to be at the time, including the middle of his water bowl. He is all mouth and those little sharp teeth can do some real damage as our poor arms and legs can attest. My cousin Eileen suggested that when he gets mouthy, we immediately shove a toy in his mouth as a substitute for our hands, legs, pants, etc...and that works most of the time. He slept in his crate last night until about 3:30 a.m., but when Bob picked him up to take him out....he didn’t quite make it but what’s a pair of wet pants? That said, he was amazing today when we traveled through Ohio. We put his bed up front and backed it up with his crate which we kept open so he could go into it if he wanted to snooze or just chill out. And it worked beautifully! He was a great traveler and not freaked out by the loud noises of trains, trucks or the RV. He would get startled but not freaked out which is a really good thing. Anyway, his new AKC name will be Sunnyrain Road Trip, aka “Roadie” as we plan to take him along with us on the road. train him...

We’re going to take a few days to get to know him and to let him bond with us before we start home where he’ll have to adjust to an entirely new environment. Of course, Bob and I have been gone so long that we will need some time to adjust too. After all there’s quite a difference between a forty foot motor home and a 3200 square foot home! See most of you home and can’t wait for you to meet Roadie.

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